Your ability to boost sales of agricultural produces from your farm is what will enhance your income. Mass producing any kind of crop will result in waste without a market to buy it from you.

So in your pursuit of business in agriculture and related ventures, two things should top your priority list and they are: improving your quality and boosting sales. The more your sales the better the profit you will be able to bank. Also the more the profit the easier it becomes to expand your businesses.

  • Identify your market: the whole essence of starting a business is defeated if you as an individual don’t know your market. You need to do market research in order to discover where your products and services are required and then focus your whole energy in that direction.
  • Proper packaging: apart from the quality of what you are offering, another thing that sells a product is the way it’s packaged. Packaging is the first kind of advertisement you should engage in. ensure your product is properly packaged with a complimenting pack design that carries descriptions on how it can be used and other important details.
  • Branding and sales promotion: what sells most popular products we see around us is the brand name. Your company brand is the face of your product and services. To brand your product there are things you must do. Firstly, you must define your brand. Ask yourself what you think your brand stands for. What does the brand have to offer? How does the brand offer such value? Also, how do you want to be perceived? Other things you need to consider include: Think of your brand as a personality. You need to find out what you think is the driving force behind your business. Get close ad build a consistent relationship with your customers. Communicate with your customers with a consistent tone. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and bigger brands. Be creative, innovative, stay current and be proactive.
  • Launch a website: currently business has moved from the usual brick and mortar into the online sphere. For any business to survive in this current age, such business must embrace technology. Getting a website for business open up your business to the world at large. A website makes your business accessible 24hours a day and 7 days a week. Having a website also boost sales sells and keep people coming your way.  For individual who cannot have a direct contact with you or your business, a website make it easy for them to have a glimpse of what you have to offer, your pricing and how they can access the product peradventure they order from you. Individuals tend to trust businesses with an online presence; with a website it shows how serious you take your business.
  • Join agricultural association: there are several agricultural bodies in Nigeria and around the world. And been a member of these bodies offer you many opportunities and one of such is opportunity to participate in exhibitions and agricultural shows. These exhibitions and shows gives your business a free advert, boost your sales now and in the future. Attend such events also give you access to people you couldn’t have met on a normal day. This also opens up doors of opportunities for you.
  • Attend agricultural exhibitions: apart from the exhibitions that the agricultural bodies you joined organized there are still several other events you can register for and attend as well. All you need do is to read business columns of different tabloids; they offer such opportunities to the public. Another easy to get such information is to regular browse the net for them.
  • Get the contacts of your customers: it’s not just enough to make a sale and thereafter forget the customer. Business grows when customers buy from you more than one time. One of the easiest and also the best way to keep people coming back is to treat them well and show that they are valued. After each sales endeavor your send your customers a thank you message or an email to show your appreciation for their patronage. But this can only be done when you have their contacts; so immediately after a customer buy something from your store or farm, no matter how small or little the product might be do your business a favor by penning down their details. All you need is their phone number and email address. Ensure you make your intention clear to them so as to avoid unnecessary suspicion.
  • Provide value added services: value added services are services that add value to the original service you are rendering. For example; as a poultry farmer who is into hatchery you can create a forum where you teach people about poultry management and how to breed birds successfully for proper profiting. In doing this, you can then offer your original product or service to them. Using this strategies also boost sales of agricultural produce.
  • Employ social media marketing: the place of social marketing cannot be underestimated especially in this age of technological advancement. Social media is a cheap way of promoting your brand while you create connections with them. All you need to do is to learn the intricacy of social media and how it works only then can you enjoy the benefit that comes with it.
  • Employ physical advertisement medium: the use of magazines, newspaper as a medium to get to people is still in vogue especially if you intend to connect with another set of audience.

There are people who believed that physical newspaper is far richer in news than their online version. So advertising on newspaper will help you reach out to those set of individuals promptly.

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