As a farmer there are routines that you must undertake for you to have a successful production at every stage of your business. below is a list of 12 Health Management Tips for Poultry Farms that will help you maximize profit at every production level.

• Cleanliness is top priority: before setting up your farm ensure that the environment your farm is to located is well cleaned, grass cut or totally removes, proper drainage should be made to prevent water logging around the environment.

• Space your bird intake: This means leaving sufficient time between batches (2-4 weeks) of chicks to thoroughly clean out and disinfect the poultry house and allow time for measures to work. The moment you start bring in birds into the farm randomly without proper planning your ability to schedule your farm cleaning routine will be a challenge.

• Birds kept on the floor are particularly prone to some diseases because they come in contact with their excreta. For a new farmer without capital to procure battery cage, you can start with a room but ensure you use litters. This can either be wood shavings of other kind of litters available in your environment but as time goes on ensure you get battery cage. Battery cage help you to manage the bird droppings and also prevent them from having a direct contact with it. There are other elementary rules that should be followed:

• Never allow other poultry on your farm: some poultry diseases are airborne; meaning they can be transferred from one bird to another through the air. If the other poultry house on your farm is suffering from one illness or the other there are chances that the disease can be passed to your birds with time.

• Never allow other poultry farmers near your chickens: humans can also be carrier of different poultry diseases. Poultry farmer are exposed to their birds this makes them vectors. To prevent infestation on your farm then its better your prevent other farmers from having free access to your farms anytime they want; by doing that you are definitely less at risk.

• Farmer should keep special boots/shoes for working in the poultry house and keep them there: this practice help you and your workers to contain any kind of infection from getting into the farm. Don’t wear any kind of boot into the farm. Get special boots, gloves and overall for your farm. Wear them when you need to work on the farm, pull and keep them in the farm when you need to leave.
• Remove old litter, dirty bags, and contaminated rubbish and bury them or dump them far away in an eco – friendly manner: dumping rubbish from the farm indiscriminately can backfire at long run.

• Wash thoroughly with detergent feeders and waterers: this should be done weekly and persistently. Dirty feeder and drinker can lead to infections which can also cause high mortality among your flocks.

• Always discard mouldy, damp feed: damp feed encourages the growth of fungi, bacterial as well. The growth of bacterial and fungi in the feed makes it to develop toxins that make your birds sick or die.

• It’s not just enough to watch over your flocks and treat the sock ones. But the very sick birds should be removed, killed and buried or burnt. Burning or burying them help prevent the disease from spreading through your flocks because the disease could be airborne.

• All in – all out systems are preferred (same age): always keep birds of same age together no matter the circumstances. Do not mix birds of different ages. Mixing birds of same age could result in the mortality of the smaller ones as a result of trampling.

• A foot bath containing disinfectant or lime should be placed at the entrance to the poultry house and soles of boots dipped into it. This is to ensure disease are not been carried into the poultry house.

• Observe your chickens at least three times a day especially when they are very young.
The above 12 Health Management tips for Poultry Farms are among the few available out there, search for more in order to prevent mortality of birds on the farm also in order to maximum profit.

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