People have asked me severally how I grew my twitter followers to 118,000 people despite the fact that I am not always online to keep my timeline busy. OK,  here is the koko. In this short article I will be giving you 13 ways to grow your twitter followers. Ride with me

1. Follow those who have shared a post you tweets: the fact that someone shares or retweet your tweets regularly shows that they love what you write about and have in one way or the other connected with you. The best way to seal such connection is to follow them and they will reciprocate the gesture in kind.

2. Follow those with like minds: this is one thing I have learn to do over time and the simple truth been that following like minds help you to connect with such individuals. The end product is that once they notice you, following back becomes so easy for them.

3. Follow those using the same or similarly hashtags as yours: my blog is focused on given out Agricultural and Social media tips, so I simply follow the step I just mentioned after putting up an article by simply placing an hashtag in any of my article promotional tweets. What this does is that when anyone searching for such hashtag, click on the search botton, my tweets will definitely fall among his or her search result.

And peradventure the person likes what I put up, following me become easy. Another thing is that I will be get a free traffic to my blog and even more if he or she retweet my post.

4. Follow other popular accounts follows: I made use of this tactics a lot when I was so desperate to grow my followers base. The fact remains that I learnt it from a social media mentor (Blossom Ozurumba) with the twitter handle @blossomozurumba.

All you have to do is to simply find popular accounts in your niche that you know are having an exponential growth in their followership and follower at least 50 of their followers daily. I am sure you will thank me for this badt tip. Smiles

5. Learn to reciprocate kind gestures, eg. By following back those who follow you first: this is so simple and do not need extra explanation.

6. Avoid unfollowing those who already followed you with the aim of having more followers than those you followed.

7. Be consistent. Be active on line: when you are too passive people or your followers find you boring and this might even lead to you losing followers rather than gaining more.

8. Join trending conversations and tweet sensibly: recently there have been a train of arguments and discussions on twitter Nigeria  and among the few are bad governance with President Buhari and his interest in his second term is also a bone of contention, another was the issue of Falzthebadt guy who MURIC an Islamic group threaten to sue because he made use of girls wearing ijab in his Music video tithed: This Nigeria and the  latest is the on going World Cup. Trends are actually inexhaustible because before you finish talking about one another is brooding, so maximize this tool to boost your presence and following specifically.

9. Avoid tweeting for tweeting sake: We naturally gravitated towards smart people. This can be both true and false, the reason been like will always attract like. But when it comes to social media people naturally gravitated towards those they feel they will learn more from. So ensure whatever you are putting out their is something people can relate with.

10. Learn to retweet interesting topics or tweets that catch your attention: stop acting cocky and feeling like a star when you are not. Learn to retweet others it make them pick interest in you. Many people have naturally followed me just because I retweet their tweets.

11. Learn to follow selectively: the summary of this gist is learn to follow those who are active and responsive. Passive accounts will remain as such and will add nothing to you. Without been selective it might be hard for you to grow your twitter followers.

12. Also strategically follow accounts that are highly relevant to yours. This will always guarantee several follow back

13.Include one or two hashtags in your tweets especially: I have talked about this already but it’s to reaffirm it to you so that you will understand it’s relevance.

I hope you enjoy this premium tips. Do you know the only way you can pay me back for this?

Help SHARE this to your social media platforms so that someone can enjoy what you just enjoy and don’t forget to ADD your own ways of growing your twitter followers in the comment box below.

Thank you and see Ya Soon

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