Over the years farmers have sought out ways to reduce cost of production on the farm especially when it comes to procuring feeds for animal consumption. From research it has been found that feed takes a larger percentage of the cost of production especially in poultry farming and other related agricultural ventures.

This led most farmers to seek ways they can cut down the cost of procuring feeds for their animals. To achieve this many farmers have made it a culture to test run different feed company both the good, the bad and probably the ugly which has cost them a fortune in one way or the other.

Others have found another way by producing their own animal feeds. In recent times, it’s not hard to see farmers seeking good feed formulas. The reason been they believed producing their own animal feeds will help them cut down cost a great deal and to be frank it does. But there are challenges in doing this and that’s exactly what I am going to be talking about in this article. Seat back and enjoy our little journey.

Challenge No. 1
Availability of raw material within your immediate environment: most of the materials needed for feed production are readily available within our immediate environment but there are some others like the addictive are not available in the market except in some specialised chemical shops or feed mills.

This pose a big challenge to mini feed producers or farmers especially those who are just getting started in the business.

Apart from the the addictive some of the materials are quite scare as well because of the high demand for them by farmers and other users.

I once remembered when bone mill was a hot cake. Also, there was a time when soya bean and it’s cake was quite expensive and became unaffordable for animal feed producers.

Challenge No. 2
Professionalism: one big challenge is getting the right formulae for your animal feed production. It’s not enough to get any formula, you must understand the important of each constituent in the feed as well as the quantity needed. You must also know that different animal need different nutrient constituent same goes with different age.

You must know all this and know how to combine them otherwise you might be doing your animals more harm than good.

To be able to produce good or quality feed will advice you go for trainings that will enhance your skills and open you up to top notch technical knowhow.

Preferably, you can employ someone with such skill or knowledge to handle that part of your enterprise but never leave yourself venerable by been ignorant of same should in case you are left alone.

Challenge No. 3.
Cost of Machinery: without machines it will be quite difficult if not impossible to achieve this feat. But we all know that the cost of procuring all these machines are quite expensive and probably unrealistic to small scale farmers out there.

But there are fabricators who have delve into the production of smaller scale machine that can perform perfectly same duty as the larger one. All you need is to do your search properly.

My company NiyiRoyalz Consults and Farm offer some of these machines but today I want to introduce you to our newest stock which is the Manual Pellet Machine.

The manual pellet machine is just 1Kg in weight and has the capacity to produce at least 50kg capacity animal feed per day on the average. This machine is readily available in our list of machine though we have limited stock so it will be good if you can procure yours when we still have them around.

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