Over the years I have come to understand some basic principles about businesses and what make them thrive amidst failing as well as stagnant ones.

Doing business has gone beyond making ends meet or profit making, it has to with meeting the needs of people. Once this priority is lost it becomes quite difficult to sustain the business not to talk about growth.

In this post I will be writing on 3 things that sustain a business. These three points are things we all are conversant with already but I am sure we can learn one or two things from it. Read through and enjoy the ride with me.

Integrity: I have been into honey business for years now and the fact remains that I have been riding on the trust customers have built in me.

When I start my honey business, then I have no bee farm meaning, I have to source for honey from people especially bee keepers in order to meet demands.

Getting original honey was an issue. A big issue i have to deal with as a new comer in the business who have not solid background in the trade though I have good understanding of the anatomy, behavior and production processes in bee keeping and honey itself because I have undergone training and tutorship under a reputable bee keeper.

To cut the long story short, I found a honey dealer who I order my honey from. The price was good and the gain was not bad but I later realised that everyone that ever bought honey from me never return to get more.

I was worried because I couldn’t retain customers. I was always on the move in search of newer clients, until one day I had to seat and start calling my old clients asking them why they neve return, it’s then some opened up to me.

What I have been selling is not what I thought or want to really dish out. I confront my supplier and when I confirmed those claims I had to put a stop to our business. And for like two good months I stop selling honey because I couldn’t find a reliable supplier.

Integrity is key in business. My earliest clients were actually my best set of customers till date because their orders were massive and made me lot of money but I lost them because I wasnt selling to them exactly what they expect. But now, thanks be to God I have my own bee farm and this have helped me to tackle this issue.

Another angle to this is the issue of money. When client order I ask for cash before sending them the honey. Most time it take one or two weeks to convince them that I am real and I am not a fraudster.

But we all understand the situation of the country, the issue of fraud have been an issue in the country. It’s tough trusting a person you can’t see. The good news is that once they buy from me for the first time and they see that I deliver it becomes easy dealing with me other time.

Once people can trust your person it become easy to deal with you as well as refer others to you. In all sincerity I have enjoyed good patronage and referrals as a result of my customers’ perception about my person and my business.

Courtesy: have you ever spoken to a client and she or he opt to buy from you due to the way you approach him or her? Courtesy in business can never be overruled. Just like the old saying that customers are always right.

Many people will buy from you and will keep coming back just because you treat them right. Good customer service in your business is one thing that you should never overlook. Few weeks back I got a referral from a client.

During my conversation with the new client, she told me that she’s buying from me not just because she trust the person that linked us but because she loves the way I approach her and that make her feels comfortable with me.

if your customer service ain’t right then you are getting your business wrong.

Your face or voice is the first thing client sees before accessing your product or service and if they find either irritating then your products or service can not be any better.

Patience: just like the Bible say: patient is a virtue. But the fact remain that any business or business person that lack this will not go far.

There are times when business will have a down turn and things will just seens not to work. It’s at those point that you need to keep your game high and tough.

Tough and rough times are part of entrepreneurship. if you can’t stand the heat then you shouldn’t be in the game in the first place.

Do you want to hear the truth? The higher you go the tougher it becomes. There is no easy way through and to success. You always have to keep fighting until you reach your goals.

Thank you for your time, I am sure you learn one or two thing here. Please do me a favour by SHARING the post so that other people can benefit from it.

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