There are many businesses out there that can actually change your fortune but in this article I will be writing on five local businesses that can make you a millionaire. I will need you need you to read through the article with care because I am sure there are lot for you to learn from it. And if it happens that you know almost all that is contain therein this will serve as a refreshing dose for you. Below are list of Local businesses that can make you a millionaire;

• Sales and distribution of charcoal: In recent times the price of different various power sources like kerosene, gases, petrol even fire woods has skyrocketed. It’s obvious to know that the country we live in is listed as one of the highest petroleum producing countries in the world, yet the same nation still suffer from what it is said and believed to produce and export to other more stable nations.

The cry and struggles of the people keep on budding and find more root instead of melting away with all the promises they have received and that which they are still receiving from the very people they cast their votes for.

Nevertheless, it’s good to have it behind your mind that there are opportunities hiding in every challenge. Sure, one of such opportunities is that of charcoal business. Due to the geographical location of Nigeria, the country is endowed with good forest, vegetable and landscape. With this natural endowment at our disposal, there are more to tap from other than the petroleum products we all focus on.

Out of every average family in Nigeria at least 7 out of 10 is using charcoal as their source of power mainly for their cooking activities. Due to my recent research I got to understand that the charcoal business is not only demanded locally but also internationally. This now makes the business a hot cake.

The good news is that charcoal business does not need millions to start. A little as few thousands can get you started in the race. This product can also be easily sorted out in the local market also in the interior villages. But it will be good you make proper investigation and researches before you go into the business.

To get into the export aspect of the business, I advise you move a step into knowing the criteria needed for a person to start an importation business in various countries, also get to know about the importation requirement in the country you intend to export to. But these wouldn’t be enough if you do not have a good list of people who really need this product out there.

• Sourcing for cashew seeds for export: there was a time in my life when I enjoy playing the cashew seed game. We arrange cashew seeds on a straight line and then stone them. Anyone that leaves the line then becomes your lot/gain.

But at a time I got to see that children of age range no longer want play with cashew game, instead they move around farms, gathering the seeds and sell it by mudu (a measuring standard in Nigeria market) to the local market women in the market square.

This was years back, but now I clearly understand why the market women of then deprive us from playing the cashew seed game we enjoyed so much. The cashew seed have a hot market around the world.

The nut within the seed is a source of food, refreshment and it’s also said to have a medicinal purpose. The back of the seed is a good source of acid and feed for animal. Which mean that no part of the cashew seed is a waste.

The tree is fairly distributed in around the middle belt region of Nigeria, especially Kogi State, Benue State, even the southern region too. One place I can vouch for is the Igala part of Kogi State, that’s between Idah and Ayangba region.

But there are still other parts of the country where you can find this seeds.
The seeds too are in high demand in the Western world. As I said, they might be local but they have international value and this can fetch the millions you need.

• Sourcing for dry cocoa and coffees: the south western part of Nigeria is one major of the country where you can get this peculiar seeds from. The reason why I can talk about this with assurance and confidence is because my mum once deals in this. I recall in those years when we had to go live in the western of the country, Ekiti in particular.

Every morning my mum always set out to the bush farms where she buys coffee, cocoa and fresh pepper (the little long one). Once she returns from the market in the evening time, I and my other siblings seat help her to wash the freshly the harvested cocoa and later dry them in the sun for days before bagging them. It was more of a normal routine which at time I enjoyed.

The coffee and cocoa are sold dried to some particular set of individuals who buys in buck from different sellers. These buck buyers I later got to understand are exports or middle men source this raw material for beverage companies.

The most funnies part of it is that they buy these materials at a very low price. Most time my mum will come back complaining how cheap she had to sell her goods just get something to return to the market the following week.

I gave these stories in order to make you understand how profitable sourcing of these raw materials is. Sincerely, these materials don’t lack market. Because in our day to day life we can’t do without taking beverages, e.g. Bonvitas, Milo teas, biscuits, chocolates and the candy.

• Palm oil sourcing and distribution: the use of palm oil is highly in demand both locally and internationally. Palm oil is a good source of fat and oil in the body. Its nutrientional value can’t be overlooked.

In our Nigerian dishes, the use of palm oil is most preferable to the vegetable oil.
But more importantly is the industrial use of palm oil. Soap production can’t be completed or will not be possible without the palm oil in the process.

No kind of soap that does not actually need palm oil. Because of this, the product has become a hot cake and this had caused the rise in the demand for the material.

It can be used in various industries for fries: French fries, potatoes chip, pastries, doughnuts, fish, seafood and other deep fat fried foods; Baking: cake, biscuits, croissants, bread. Food: shortenings, margarines, candies, condensed milk sauces. Nonfood uses: cosmetics, detergents, candles and soap.

It is also used in the production of lubricants for food producing machinery, the printing, textile industry, plastic and petroleum industry. Fuel: it is also used for making sustainable, environmental friendly fuel

• Bagging of Garri and transportation: among the food products produce in Nigeria, garri stand as one of the demanded. In the earlier year it’s believed that the high demand for garri was because it was cheap. But in recent times, the price had risen and it’s now clear that the demand for the commodity was not as a result of the low price.

Garri is not meant for the poor alone as believed before. Garri is a general food in Nigeria. I watched video something ago and in the video I saw the former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo drinking garri even when he was on throne.

To cut short the long story, it’s also clear that cassava which is used for the production of garri is now in high demand because of its high usage and consumption for other things. There are many places where garri are been produced and there are also many places or town where things commodity is highly sorted. All I advise anyone who want start this business is to make their research properly because it will give you more light.

Thanks for taking your time to go through this article. If you really gain from this, I will want you help share it so that other people can gain and learn what you just learn.

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