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There are management practices that must be carried on every poultry farm for effective and maximum productivity, below is a list of 5 poultry management system
• Poultry Housing: housing is one the most important aspect of poultry management that must be considered. For a starter a room with a window can be used or a deep litter can be constructed using a concrete floor. The wall can be raised by three couch of blocks while wire mesh can be used to finish the rest. The floor of the housing should be made of concrete while it should be covered with litter which can be wood shavings saw dust. Wood shaving is preferable because dry saw dust can lead to respiratory diseases in the birds once the dust is inhaled.


• Brooding: chicks cannot be properly managed without the use of brooding house. The young birds need a warm environment to keep them healthy and protect them from harsh environmental factors. Brooding house can be made of different materials which range from strong cardboard, plywood, hardwood and even a room with a good lighting system can also be used for the brooding of the young birds. The brooder should have a good heat source that can supply adequate heat to the whole brooder. The amount of heat supplied to the brooder matters because excessive heat can become discomforting to the birds while insufficient heat can also be dangerous to the birds. On the average 95 – 1000f should be supplied to the brooding house. The amount of heat supplied the birds should be reduced as the birds get matured and more natural light should be allowed into the brooder.

• Feeding: birds should be fed properly in order for them to attain their market within a short period of time. Birds should be given starter mash from day one till when they are four weeks old. From five weeks old the birds should be given finishers mash till when they attain market price; that’s in the case the birds in question are broilers. In the case of pullet/cockerel production the birds should be fed with chicks’ mash from day one till their seven week when they can be sold out to people who lack the technical skills to rear them from day old. For maximum growth the birds should be fed ad-libitum (continuously).


• Bird Vaccination: the vaccine management for birds are very important and thus should be taken serious. Below is a good vaccination schedule to follow for a healthy flock development:
On the arrival of the chicks give them vitamins and antibiotics in water solution for 5 days consecutively.
Also give them lasota vaccine from same day old to five-day old of their arrival on your farm.
Give the birds coccidiostats at 5 days old for 5 days consecutively as well.
Give the birds Gumboro vaccine at 10 days old. Give the birds the 2nd Gumboro vaccine when they are 3 week old
Give the birds the second Lasota vaccine when they are 2 weeks and 4 weeks old respectively.
Supply the birds coccidiostats also when they are at their 3 week and give them when symptoms of the illness surfaces.

• Record keeping: recording keeping of all your activities on the farm help you monitor and keep tap of the will also help you know whether you profit or not from the business you just undertook. Things to keep record of includes: the arrival day of your chicks, feeding rate, vaccination, mortality and every other transaction carried out during the period.
These poultry management practices should be strictly adhered or take into consideration for maximum profiting from your poultry business and other ventures.

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