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Social media can be a great tool to promote your business and brand to another level and this same tool can be destructive and time wasting especially if you don’t understand its uses as well as its importance to you and your brand. Below are short tips written to show you productive activities social media can offer your business. Ensure you read it to the end in order to pen down every point.

• Customer service: with the recent dominance of digital media especially social media in our communication style, companies are left with no other choice other than to come out from hiding to settle customer’s grievances and complaints. This new trend in communication has revolutionized the way companies and customers relate especially in the area of complaint resolution. The two other aspects that are not left out in this revolution include product and service reviews and rating.

Customer service is one of the backbones of any business. The coming of social media gives businesses the opportunity to show their clients and prospective clients the level of commitment they have for them and how well they are willing to satisfy them.


Of recent most customers have developed little or interest in going to meet their servicing company should in case they have any complaint, they simple send such complains out on social media and expect the concerned organization to proffer qualitative and quantitative solutions as fast as possible. An inbound marketing and strategy blog claims that nearly 40% of customers who comment or complain online expect a response within an hour. Your ability to deal with complaints as fast as possible will boost your credibility and give your brand a good rating among your competitors.

• Promotion of products and services: any organization with a good social media visibility and yet does not put her products and services right in the face of her consumers is missing out a big deal. One of the major goals of any good business should revolve around conversions and income generation.

Social Media platforms give you the opportunity to put your products and services right in the face of people who might have interest in them. Promotion of your products and services can either be free or paid. Now you can run campaigns on social media platforms with as little as N1,000 right here in Nigeria.


All thanks to Facebook who reviewed the currency policy and also added some other mode of payments for her intending advertisers. Also if you have little or no fund to run an advertisement campaign you can still promote what you have by regular sharing and posting contents relating to the products and services you render at intervals. Just that the free form of promotion requires little work and total commitment for you to get a fair result.

• Increase engagement: One thing social media is good at is boosting engagement. If you are able to boost engagement on your social media timeline, over time those people get to trust you especially if you are able to solve and answer their most pressing challenges and questions. For you to be able to convince anyone to follow you or patronize you, you must be able to show them how interested you are in them.

To boost engagement you must focus on the needs of your niche or prospects. Secondly you must share informative posts that address the needs and answer pressing questions. Social media marketing has no base without proper engagement, that’s the reason those likes, comments and sharing matter a lot.


• Convert sales: what is the essence of building an online presence without actually converting them to cash or a stream of income at long run. Social media allows everyone to showcase what they do with little restrictions. But the efficiency of your promotion is determined by many factors, among them are: the strength of your followers on each of the platform you want to promote on. Second factor is your connection with your audience or followers. If you have developed a strong influence and connection overtime with your followers it becomes easy to convince them to buy whatever you are offering. Another factor is your ability to pass across your message properly.

• Establishment of your brand: a report by smart insight show that Facebook is the most popular social network at the moment with more than 1.8 billion users, while Instagram seat at the second position with about 600 million people, Twitter comes third with a total of 317 million users and Snapchat booked the fourth spot with her users summing to about 300 million. With this number of individuals online it’s quite easy to establish your brand online, but there are some basic requirements to get an effective result. Below are some of the things you must do to build and establish your brand on social media:


determine your audience,
choose the best social media platform that suit your brand,
create contents that push out your brand,
be creative and experiment with different form of content and media,
determine the efficiency of your campaign and make adjustments where it is required.

Social media can be a tool to promote your business and it can also be a place to waste precious time. To get results you must first understand how it works only then can you maximize it.


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