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Writing about this topic 6 Keys to Optimum Performance and Productivity became of the essence because human race can only survive and keep surviving only when he understand the intricacy of maximizing his potentials, resources and those around him. In this article I will be writing on six point that can help you up your game and boost productivity.

Prioritize your time: Time is one of the limited resources that God gave to man. That’s the reason He cut and allocates it to all as days which also comprises of seconds, minutes and hours. Time is truly limited because most moment a full day might not even be enough to complete some specific projects in your life. But the limitation of time is not really the challenge men have but the management and profitable use of this time we all have.

Time will never be enough because men do not know how to manage it. And that’s the reason why they will never get done what should be done on time. The call for optimum performance and productivity in our individual lives, businesses, organization, academics etc cannot be understated because time does not measure the length of our lives alone; it also measures and weighs our productivity in the different sectors of our lives.

It’s not enough to know what to do and how to do it. It’s also important for you to know and understand the necessity of appropriating time to all you intend to do. This is not to measure the time you spend or that you are going to spend on each task but it’s to enable you maximize the time you have to spend and also know how to put the other remaining time to proper use.
The principle for prioritizing time is simple.

Many expert have state it in different ways, but the summary of them all is that you should do what you think is more important to you first. That is put your task in order of preference. Always know what you think is important to you and that which is not. The important task should be the first you should handle while the next important ones can follow suit.

Manage relationships: relationship is important. It’s a sure fact that no man can stand on its own. We all are interwoven, interconnected and needs each other. If man could stand on their own am sure God would have created us and create several billion planets to put us in. the Bible confirm it when it states: neglect not the company of the believers.

Everyone around us is important but not everyone is useful at every point in time. Everyone around you have a place in your life at some specific time but not at all time. The misunderstanding of this concept is what made many goal oriented fellows not to reach the peak of their career. Many people around us are truly good persons but they function in the wrong part of lives.

A man who is heading somewhere have few friends but many allies. Many are into wrong relationships and friends, that’s just the simple reason they cannot move beyond where they have been for years. It’s wise for you to define your relationship with everyone around. Know their place in your life. Some few weeks back a course mate asked me; “where are your friends?” then I turn to ask her; which friends are you talking about? And she answered the ones I saw with you some time back.

After reflecting back I got to understand that she was referring to my hall mates who we were also in the same engineering faculty as me. Then I made it clear to her that I only have two friends.

The fact I mingle with almost everyone does not make them my friends. The definition for friendship is beyond just talking and walking together. You don’t need everyone to be around you always. If you are the types that love to cut attentions always then you are not set to maximize your performance in what you do.

You need to know does who are in the same direction with you, who have similar goals as you and is working hard towards them. Habits are infectious. You need to cut away some people from your life or they will cut you down.


Learn the art of focus: sometime back I was in a symposium and the speaker make a comparison be between the florescent light and the laser light. He said that the laser and florescent are both types of lights. But the difference between then is that the florescent light is dispersed while the laser light is highly concentrated. And this feature is what defines the impacts and effects on objects.

Without contradiction, the speaker’s illustration is nothing but the truth. Though this illustration looks so common and simple but it defines what it means to be focused. Life is has now developed into a world of confusion and distraction.

Everything around us now caught our attentions. We have operas, movies and dramas to watch at the snap of our hands.
In recent time technologies have simplify and bring this distraction even more closely to us. The like of smart phones, laptops, Ipad, tablets etc are few of the medium by which we disperse our mental strength. But in true sense the emergence of these devices have really made life easier for everyone especially the discipline ones.

To get the best out of anything you do, then you need to give it your total attention and let every other thing be in your “to do later” list. Academic lives give us a clear illustration of this topic. Among two student; one made sure he never miss class, miss his assignment and devotes almost 75% of his time to reading and the other who attend class when he feel like and devote less time to study. Who do you think will stand out? You should judge that for yourself.

Focus awaken you inner strength and give relevance to your long built skills and knowledge.

Set goals & Have high expectations: Dr. David Oyedepo quotes thus: expectation is the mother of manifestation. This is surely the truth but expectation become futile when no seed is actually planted. Achievers are goal setters and goal getters. It’s not enough to dream of reaching the peak of your career or of becoming highly effective and productive without having your eye set on something.

You need to divide your vision into small piece that which you can run with and work on per time. And you goals fall into these categories. Dreamers are not really the achievers but those who sat down and break down these dreams into smaller portion that is achievable with ease and with time accorded to them.

Recently I got the understanding that what we call goals are not really goals. They are mere child’s play. The reason been this goals are weightless and lack relevance. Imagine a student in the school who is focusing his energy on knowing everyone and their names in his school rather than focus on how to get good grades or emerge as the best student in his department or faculty.


While setting goals, make sure it have direction, it’s purposeful and of importance to your advancement in life. People with high performance are goal oriented and also make sure the goals set are worth pursuing and achieving. And while setting these goals, have high expectations. Place your mind on maximum success rather than fixing your mind on low productivity and trying to find excuses for managing the outcomes of your failed tasks.

Be relentless in your pursuits: optimum performance is hard to come by expect for those who are willingly to pay the price and also take hold of the prize. Just like the popular saying: winners never quit and quitters never win. Most time people give their dreams and goals because they find the path to be rough and a bit unbearable. Where there is no pain, don’t expect gain as well.

Perseverance is one of the qualities that differentiated the successful from the failures. You are never a failure until you actually give up your goals and forfeit your goals for what you think is an easy life. The easier the life you long for the more frustrating your life will be. Ease only comes after the battle is won and not when you are just beginning the really fight.
There are times when what you do or what you are trying to accomplish will look so hard or even impossible, but you just need to remember that it’s only part of the process.

Without the processes then there can’t be a product. Just like an athlete will train for years just for a day performance. You just need to believe in yourself, what you do and believe that your success will come hitting at your door someday soon.

Include God: sometime in our secular lives we just see no need no God. We forget that without God nothing that holds will remain ever strong. The need for God cannot be understated. We all need God. You need God.

Don’t ever you step out of your dwellings without first thanking and committing your days into God hands all your activity for the day. He knows how well to run your life and make it to yield maximally. A word to God and a word from Him is what you to live a successful life.

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