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In this article I will be writing about factors to consider in the selection of Bee hives but before let me dive a bit. Bee keeping is beyond a just a money making venture. Bee keeping is an act. Bee keeping is also a conservatory practice. In setting up of a bee farm you must put many factors in place.

These factors has be cropped from both side. Meaning you have to put the insects into consideration even as you think or plan on how to maximize profit.

Over the years traditional bee keeping have cause more harm to the insect than good. The practice can be termed as unhealthy and ethical to the profession and trade; because those villages who go in search of honey in the forest literally murder these insects rather than care for them during each harvest.

I once heard a friend telling me how they set fire on bee hives, killing most of the bees at night before carting away with their food.

The killing of bees can result into poor rate of plant pollination which can also lead to low food outputs in the world.

Now back to our actual topic; factors to consider in the selection of Bee hives. In this article I will be writing specifically about two types of hives which are the Kenya Top Bar and the Langsthroth Hives.

The reason for picking this two is because they are the popular hives we have in this part of the world, though the Kenya hive is more widely accepted as compared to the other ones.

Below are some of the factors:

. Volume of honey expected: we have bee keepers who’s major interest Solely lies in the production of honey and nothing else.

For such farmers, the best option of hive among the twi listed above is the Langsthroth hive.

Reason been, in the said hive we already have installed an artificial honeycomb for the bees to just fill up. This makes the honey production period much more faster as compared to the Kenya Top bar hive.

If normally it will take the bees 2 to 3 months to build their honey comb then start the production of honey but with the artificial honey comb installed in the Langsthroth all the production time will be greatly reduced making the honey production much more faster.

. Production of bee wax: after honey another bee product whose demand is quite high is the bee wax. Bee wax is in high demand in the cosmetics industries. It is used in the production of cosmetics and other similar products.

For bee keepers who want to make cash from this bee product, they have to opt for the Kenya Top bar hive. In this kind of hive, the bees do double job.

Double job in the sense that, the bees have to first build their honeycomb which might take about two to three month before they start the production of honey which might take another two to three month.

So, in all you will be expecting to harvest about 5 to 6 month after your hives must have been colonized by bees. Unlike the Langsthroth which already have Honeycomb.

These are just two factors to put into consideration in the selection of Bee hives taking just two types of hives and two bee product.

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