How to setup a bee farm IN Nigeria is a topic many has been search for. Among the many businesses that have not been tapped, bee keeping stand as one of the major one. Bee farm is what I called a onetime investment kind of business.

Fresh Harvest of Honey Comb

All you need do is to invest once, seat and enjoy the dividends for many years to come. Honey business is one that its potential still lies fallow and untapped due to lack of adequate and sensitization.

In an interview with Mr. David Musa, the Team Leader, USAID Bee keeping Pollination Project, said that Nigeria has the capacity to generate over 10 billion from both international and local honey trade as well as other bee products.

He also made it known that the domestic consumption rate of honey in Nigeria was about 380,000 tons, with a global cost of about 4.5 billion dollars.

He further buttress the fact that the nation has not even tapped into the other potentials that lie within the sector which are equally applicable in the field of pharmacy, cosmetology and other related field where bee keeping byproducts are of almost importance.

Now let’s get to the real business of these day “How to setup a bee farm in Nigeria”. Setting up bee farm in Nigeria is one of the easiest business to venture into due to the following factors:

Low capital input
Does not need your full attention like other agricultural ventures
It has ready markets
Easy processing as well as technical know-how


Land: to setup a bee farm, you will need farm space. When I mean farm space, I am not speaking about a large expanse. I mean places where you can install your hives.

Technical knowhow: training is of the almost importance if you want to succeed at any venture you plan to undertake. You must be ready to learn and boost your knowledge in your chosen line of business.

To make this easy my company organize quarterly bee keeping training for prospective farmers and people who want to know more about bee keeping. Our training is précised and practically oriented.

We also do one on one training for people on their farms as well as help with installation and other services. You can called to make further enquiry: 08032912347

Bee keeping equipment: just the way crop farmers need tractors, planters and other form equipment same way a bee keeper needs one or two equipment to successfully run his business successfully.

Among the equipment, you will be needing tools such as bee suit, bee smoker, hand gloves, boot, honey extractor or sieve, bowls an buckets.

Security: honey is gold and this has attracted lot of thieves. For you prevent losing your investment to thieves you must be willing to put security in place to prevent the activities of people who might want to cater away with your honey.

There are security measures you can put in place see to the success of your investment and one of them is by installing a new GPS device that alerts you once anyone move within a particular distance to your hives. There are other measures you can put in place for you to enjoy your farm.

NOTE: for honey traders or sellers out there who want pure honey supplies we have the capacity to supply you original honey all year round.

I will advise you don’t just pick price as a criteria in buying your honey, the originality of the honey is important than other factors. Above all our honey is cheap as well as raw.

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