Rabbit farm is one of the most underrated businesses in Nigeria. Little has been written online on how to start a rabbit farm in Nigeria but in this article I will be writing about the trade and how you can take advantage of it to boost your financial status.

One question ask before start any business is how profitable it is or can be, but beyond the profit is your ability to take care of the business grow it until it becomes large enough to pay for its inputs as well as pay for your bills.

Cost of starting a rabbit farm
Rabbit farm in Nigeria is one of the cheapest businesses to start and grow steadily. Reason been that this animal is very prolific.

Now back to the cost of starting a rabbit farm; you can start a mini rabbit business with less than N30,000. N10,000 for a 4room cage and N20,000 for two mature rabbit (one male and one female).

The cost of getting a rabbit depends on some factors which includes the age of the rabbit whether it is a weaner, grower or an adult rabbit. Another factor is dependent on the kind of breed you are stocking.

Some breeds are most expensive than others.
Getting a weaner can cost between N2,000 to about N2,500 while a grower is quite higher because they are about 3 to 4 months old and getting a age where they can be crossed to start breeding.

Coming to the kind of breed you want to stock, some are considered hybrid and exotic while others are considered ordinary or local. Its believed that the exotic or hybrids grow far and faster than other kind of breeds.

There are different kinds of breeds and among the several available breeds are Hyla, California, New Zealand, Flemish giant, Chinchila etc.

How to Care for Rabbits
In breeding a rabbit or starting a rabbit farm, hygiene is one thing you can’t rule out. Once the hygiene is on point you will have little or less issue about them falling sick or any infestation.

Also to ensure that the rabbits grow properly and healthy you need to give them good and quality feed.

If you need information on where to get good rabbit stocks, galvanized cage as well as get feed formula for you rabbit you can contact me: 09099132111

With the latest developments in rabbitary in Nigeria you can get feeds specifically formulated for your rabbits. There is a particular brand of feed made in Ogun State that does such.

The best part of their service is that they make feed for nursing rabbits as well as for growing one and those that needs to maintain their growth.

Also its good to know that rabbits can also be feed on peels. Yam peels, potato peels, cassava peels but dried ones because the hydrated one can be poisonous to the animals and this can lead to their death.

Other form of food you can give them includes sun flower grasses, moringa leaves as well as potato leaves.

How to Market your Rabbits
There are farms and individuals that buy back rabbits once they are about a month old or weigh about 1kg. These farms gives you specification of exactly what they you need you to produce in term of breed, weight, the kind of feed you are to serve them, age etc. like the feed maker I mentioned above, he also buys back rabbits on one condition and they are as follows:

You must buy the feeds from him
The rabbits must either be a New Zealand or Hyla breed

Thank you for going through my article. Please do share the post so that other people can take advantage of the knowledge to better their lots. God bless you.

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