Bread is one of the stable foods in Nigeria meaning there are few households that can actually do without consuming bread within a week. This fact alone has made the bakery business a big one in Nigeria. In this post I will be writing on how to start bakery in Nigeria. Starting a bakery is one of the easiest businesses to do inasmuch as you understand how it works.

There are things you need to understand before you start a bakery business. The first thing you must note is that baking falls under food processing and needs NAFDAC certification along the line except you want to start really small which I really encourage.

When going big another agency you need to be wary about is the Standard Organization of Nigeria. They ensure that each product which includes food and non-food product produced in Nigeria meet up with the recommended standards.

Now let’s move to the business proper which is how to start bakery in Nigeria. In starting any form of business in Nigeria there are questions you need to ask yourself and among them are these few questions:

Questions you need to ask yourself

How much do I have to start? This question will help you determine the level at which you will be commencing the business. If you have a good capital base then starting on a medium level or even large wouldn’t be bad if you already understand the terrain of baking business otherwise starting small is still the best option.

How large is my market? If you have research your market properly then you can predict your business perfectly. If you have not research your market then it’s risky going into a business you do not really know much about. Though baking business have a pretty good market notwithstanding, I did advice you to do your market research properly before venturing into the business.

Things you need to start a bakery business

Space: The first thing you need is a space to house your equipment and also carry out your baking production. The said space should be large enough to contain your oven. The space you need should have such partitions such as the production room, baking room where the oven is located, stores where raw material is kept, administrative office, staff room, distribution center where baked bread are transferred to.

Equipment: this is one of the important part of the business. There are different kinds of equipment available for bread production especially if you want to start production on a medium scale. These equipment are readily available in Nigeria except if you have excess cash to spend in importing such equipment. Some of the equipment are as follow:

Dough mixer: this equipment serves when a baker needs to mix the flour with other ingredients especially when the production is on the high side. You can imagine the stress and the load of energy that will be needed in mixing about 200kg of flour for bread production. With this equipment the process can take less than 45 minute to complete.

Dough roller: after mixing your dough the tendency that there won’t be lumps is quite small. So the dough roller helps you smoothen out the mixed dough to avoid having lumps in your baked bread. Having lumps in your baked bread will reduce the quality of your produce and this will also result in low patronage.

Dough divider: this aid in the cutting of the dough into equal sizes. This kind of equipment is most employed in large bakeries because of its cost. They are mainly automated.

Sieves: this aid in removal of large particles and probably sticky flours before the mixing processes commences.
Weighing scale: in production, consistency is one thing you should never take your mind off. Consistency also defines the quality of your produce. When you weigh your material it make easy to sustain quality and avoid poor production at long run.

Wooden table top: you need this for easy production processes. Wooden table is preferred although marble table can be employed as this prevents the dough from sticking to it while working on it. A mental table top is not advisable as this can react with the dough thereby contaminating and even discoloring it.
Oven: without much explanation we all know what this is used for.

Other equipment you might need are distribution van, customized nylon bag or label for branding your product. Starting a bakery business can be money intensive especially if you intend to start large. For young and upcoming entrepreneur starting small and strong still remain the best option. Test the water first, strategize and run your business strong.

NOTE: my company deals with the fabrication of baking equipment so ensure you contact me the moment you are ready to start your bakery business or need any of the above equipment.

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  • hello,pls can u give me details prices of all the equipments and materials u mentioned in starting a bakery business on a small scale.
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    • thank you for reading through my blog, pls provide me your email to enable me send you the document easily. Thank you

  • I am about retiring and want to invest in bakery business preferably ikorodu lagos can you give me a total cost and can you do consultancy for me, my email address is ( Till I HEAR FROM YOU CHEERS.

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  • Thanks a lot. Please can you help me with details of the equipments needed to start a bakery in Warri, Delta State.

    • Thank you very much Mr Obedience. Please call or whatsapp this number for proper discussion.

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