Garri is a staple food that an average Nigeria family can’t do without and this alone makes Garri production business in Nigeria a jackpot to anyone who can summon the courage to venture into that sphere. As we all know Garri is just one of the products of cassava.

Cassava has many uses include the production starch for both domestic and industrial use; also cassava is used in the production of flour employed now in the baking industry for making confessionary and among many other uses.

Apart from the flesh of cassava which has may uses the peels also have its own economic value; the peels are used in the production of animal feeds while some people dry it and mill it, this they cook as amala “the popular staple food of the Yoruba”.

In simple tense this means that cassava farming on its own is a money spinning business if you understand it and also know how to market your produce. Among all the products gotten from cassava, Garri is one of the most valuable apart from HQCF “High Quality Cassava Flour” and starch.

This makes setting up a Garri production business in Nigeria a gold mine. Let’s talk about how to setup a Garri production in Nigeria a.s.a.p.

What You Need to Setup a Garri Business in Nigeria
The passion to start the business: just like the popular saying that goes thus” passion is the foundation of any great achievement. Many individuals has started businesses and shut it down immediately the going goes really tough. Nigeria business ecosystem is never for the timid but the strong at heart.

If you are feeble at heart then it’s possible that you will drop this at long run when you are not finding things quite easy. The truth is, things will get quite tough at some point but it requires a never giving up mentality to get rolling.

Understanding of the business ecosystem: sometimes in February, 2019 I was invited to setup a bee farm for a client somewhere in Sagamu, Ogun State and the best part was that they were producing Garri in the same area where I was to setup the farm.

After discussion with the Garri factory manager I discovered the Garri factory was just two weeks old. I was excited people they employed were over 30 people, some are peeling, and some are milling, pressing and frying.

After spending about two days on the farm and I did not see any finished product leaving the factory I was forced to investigate the cause and I got the understanding that they plan to produce 10tons first before going out in search for market.

This is a faulty business model. About 5 month down the line I had a brief chat with the Garri factory manager and he told me that the factory has been shut down after a month of production.

The simple answer to this failed business is straight forward: they don’t even know nor have a market before they start production. Without doubt, such business will flop. So, before going into any form of business ensure you understand your business ecosystem perfectly and Garri business is not exempted.

Cassava supply chain: source of raw material is an important part of the business that should never be forgotten. Without regular source of raw material “cassava” then tell me how do you intend to run your Garri business successfully?

Before you invest in machines and after getting your market right ensure you have regular supply of cassava even if means that you have to own a farm that will augment in time of shortage or lack of regular supply.

Space for processing: this is another important component you have to look into. In choosing a space for your Garri production business you must consider space for peeling, milling, pressing, fermentation, sieving, frying, drying and store/packaging.

Garri processing machines: there are couple of machine you must buy to set your garri business in motion and example of such is the milling machine “for grinding the peeled cassava, hydraulic press “for extracting or removing the water in the milled cassava”, sieving machine, frying machine “this can either be manual or the automatic fryer that needs minimal effort to operate”.

The good news here is my company NiyiRoyalz Consult and Farms engage in the design and fabrication of any of the listed machine and much more. We design according to specification and customer needs. Here is our contact: 08032912347, 09099132111

Access to market: I have discussed this above but it’s still important I stress it. Without access to market there is no way you are going to make head way even with the largeness of the market available for Garri both in Nigeria and other Africa country.

I sure you now see that setting up a Garri production business in Nigeria is as easy as its spelled.

Thank you very much for taking your time to go through our blog post, please do me a favor by sharing the content so that other people can benefit from it as well. God bless you richly.

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