Only few businesses understand the true power of discount sales. A research proofs that 62% of consumers spend 2 – 3 hours per week surfing the internet for promotional offers and new deals. Discount sales is much relatable to e-commerce business than bricks and block businesses in Africa especially in Nigeria. Social Media Discount Sales will be focusing on this challenge.

Thus far, only few businesses have taken up the initiative and this has really boost their sales and fetch them good money over the years.

Aside boosting their businesses, offering discounts has created for these businesses a list of dedicated customers who now feel attached and totally committed. Psychology of discount proofs that it’s in human to go for a reduction in price instead of paying for the full price of a product.

Discount deals make the customers believe that he or she is saving a percentage of his money on every purchase. That alone is a good motivation.

Discount sales is a good way to attract new customers. When people see new deals and promotions they become naturally attracted and that willingness to patronize you surges especially if such product or service falls among their needs.

Discount sales does not only bring you new clients, it also guarantee your business a return sales. A study proofs that 91% of customers who made a buy from a discounted store are likely to return to the same store for another purchase.


Many small businesses out there consider discount sales a lose – win situation. They feel it’s better to make little sales with a moderate profit than to make little profits from several sales. Actually, as a business entity you can offer discounts and still retain your profit margin on each product your offer.

You can actually maintain your old price and place 20% discount on a product and your customers wouldn’t doubt the price because the discount seen in the notice will be their first point of attraction.

social media discount sales is easier than you think. If the product you are offering is the right product for the niche you are promoting to then with a discounted offer your targets becomes an easy catch.

This is like offering a hungry man a delicious meal and asking him to pay less to get fed.
Discounted offers most time loses its sauce without a time frame attached. Place a time limit on the offer in order to give your target audience a sense of urgency.

When they realise they have a limited time to buy until the price soar high they will be forced to pull out their wallet to pay but when they realise there is no time frame they will be left with two options which are either to buy it now or place the order in their cart and plan to return back to it.

In this case there are two possibilities attached to it as well, these are: it’s possible the customer leave and never return this might also be as a result of getting a better offer from a competition or they might as well forget or possibly return.


So in order to force their hands into buying you must place a time limit. This barrier push them into understanding that the offer is but for a limited period of time. No one want to be cut out of a good deal do this make it easy to push them into instant purchase.

In order to maximize social media for this opportunity, you need to know where your targeted audience are. Remember your offer is not met for everyone. No matter how attractive your offer might be if the audience you are advertising to are wrong then the possibility of you cashing in anything is slim.

Secondly, you ought to know when understand the right time to post your offer online and the number of time to do that. Too much of posting can lead to spamming and spamming irritates people. Spamming can even lead you into loosing quality followership and prospects.

Discount offer can bring you quality sales if you understand how to harness it for your business growth.

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