Social media might be called the new goldmine as it is a fundamental tool every business and establishment needs to boost their brands and convert sales.

Nevertheless, many of these establishment have refused to step their game by investing not only time, energy but their finance in this promotional efforts yet they desire a mouthwatering result.

Speaking from experience, I have come to learn the hard way that social media management requires not only skills, time and energy, it also requires finance.

Just as finance is the bedrock of traditional advertisements, opting for pro-version of social media third party applications gives you full access to their hidden features which are always the perfect need for your business’s social media brand management.

For example, you just launched a new product, service or doing s project that needs the attention of millions, let’s say thousands of prospect clients and customers.

Planning a social media campaign just by posting on different social media platforms will do a little as compared to when you out for the paid version.

The paid version might cost you thousands of Naira or even dollars but at the end of the day you will be satisfied with the the result you will get.

There are times I had to boost some articles on my facebook page in order to get reach more people. Not that the article is not performing optimally when posted regularly on different social media platforms but the difference here is that, paying for a facebook pay per click campaign save me thousands of hours and energy Needed to do other productive activities. And at long run the results I get from my paid campaigns are always far better than when I do it myself.

I had been using the free version of for over 3 years now, sincerely I got lot of leads using their Auto DM. In a month get about 50 to 70 calls and messages demanding about my services.

Out of this number, I get about 5 quality sales which add to my income. Just few months back crowdfireapp cut me off from using the free version of their service then I was left with one option and that is to subscribe for the paid version which I refuse to do for months.

The end result was that I lost most of my previous contacts and no new business came in during those period.

It hurt a bit but the reality is that I have made a lot of cash from using their service and I would have made much more if I was willing to pay a token to gain access to their other features. I only came to the realization that I was not only

been selfish but also that I have been losing a lot by not subscribing to the professional version of their services.

Social media is a free tool but you can only enjoy it’s full benefits only if you invest a token in your campaigns and in your social media management efforts.

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