This is the best Chance for you to boost your Stream of income. Many people have asked me whetherif I study bee keeping professionally in any institution, the answer is no.

I am a trained Agricultural and Environmental Engineer with full passion for Agribusiness but with special love for the trade and this alone prompt me into attending many professional trainings, worked with expert bee keepers as well as practice over the year and now start consultation in same line in the bid to help others attain financial freedom and boost their livelihood.

Many people still find it tough to understand the concept of honey business. Te trade has a foundation in the act of keeping bees either for therapy purpose or for the purpose of getting it’s components which range from the popular honey, bee wax, royal jelly, bee venom and others to consultation and trading this extracts. All these amount to great gain as well as boost your knowledge and financial capability.

Engaging in the training will not only boost your financial state but this will help our environment as well as boost Agricultural production. Men will go off the surface of the earth without the existent of bees. Bees and men are not mutually exclusive.
In this training you will learn bee keeping right from the basic, fundamental to a standard point.

Things to Expect:
. Basic of bee keeping
. Essential of bee keeping
. Factors to consider in setting up bee keeping
. What you require to start a bee keeping
. Type of hives and their importance
. Factors to consider while selecting hives
. Selection of wood for hive construction
. Construction of hives
. Best way to attract bees
. Type of attractants
. Installation of hives
. Things to avoid on a bee farm
. How to harvest your bee produces
. Honey extraction and Wax processing and much more

Here is the link for Prospective Bee keepers: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HNItL45hUBy0mn4TwNYVvw

We also have a group for trained bee keepers where we drop and resolve issues concerning individual farms as well as share knowledge.

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