Over the year as I grow in the business of bee keeping, honey sales and distribution I have come to learn so many things which has also sharpen my knowledge and perspective about the trade. Bee keeping as well as selling honey are good businesses just like any other good enterprise out there.

Though I have heard many fellow talking more about the risk involved in bee keeping. The fact remains that there is no business out there without its share of risk. It’s good to know that doing nothing is even a greater risk.

Oya stories have do us 😂😁😂. Let’s go straight to the business of the day. Many people have asked me why are some honey brighter than the other. Yesterday you saw brown honey, today you saw a yellowish one and tomorrow it’s possible you even see a whitish honey.

In the Western world, places like the United States they differentiate their honey by its flower source meaning that they name their honey based on the type of flowers the bees get their nectar from.

In other words bee keepers in this part of the world intentionally cultivate particular kind of flowers for their bees to feed from and this help them to determine the colour as well as the flavour of the honey produced.

In the United States of America there are about 300 different kind of honey cultivated from distinctive plant sources. Meaning different region Can have different kind of honey.

The people from the mountains of North Carolina in the United States cultivate what they know as sourwood honey.

Same goes to different region in the country unlike here in Africa where we just install our hive, invest nothing in the cultivation of flowers and later go for harvest after some months. This is simply the reason why it’s tough for us to differentiate the kind of honey we use here.

Now, honey colour and flavor is dependent on where the bee gets its nectar. Honey differs from place to place based on the nectar source visited by the honeybee.

A light colour honey have a mild flavor while the darker honey usually have a stronger flavor. It is also good to know that the flavour of a honey is determined by the amount of antioxidants in the honey. The darker the honey the higher the antioxidants while the lighter coloured one have a low concentration of antioxidant.

So when next You See honey you should be able to know why some are darker than the other same goes for the flavor. Lighter honey have mild flavor while darker honey have a bold flavor.

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